Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Women can do Better!

There is this famous saying that goes ‘What a man can do, A woman can do Better!’

BUT, how is this possible? When almost every Africa culture encourages male child preference and early in the life of a female child in a typical African home she notices that her male siblings are preferred to her and treated specially with access to business skills, education, healthcare and food provision. In many places, females are either denied education or are not allowed to have the same quality of education as males because it is believed that educating females is an economic waste in that she will leave the family someday and become another man’s responsibility. However, there must be several ways out of this gender bias cycle that is prominent in most developing countries today. One very important remedy that has worked in several countries like Liberia and India where there is an increasing engagement of women from diverse backgrounds to participate in job and life training sessions that would help them form their own businesses, protect their families from diseases and partake in decision making processes that affect their economy.

The video below shows the importance of overcoming these barriers to making women play an important role in regenerating and rebuilding development in Liberia. The video by the produced by the World Bank highlights the positive effects of using practical job training, business development and life training skills in empowering women from poorer communities that are uneducated and willing to gain knowledge and learn skills that were previous.

[Video here]

One interesting fact that I perceived from watching the video was that these women were not only interested in the economic advantages that they earned from these practical training sessions but also the fact that they all seemed happier, liberated and have better dreams for their future.

-Chioma Nneji (Chi-Chi)


  1. the video was very good.thanks for sharing such an nice post. business women network is an research and educational organization. its objective of the is to empower working women.

  2. Thank you for taking the time out to spare a comment!

    Empowering women is a goal that unites us in our cause, and may we be successful in making a difference to women world over!