Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Social Entrepreneurship: Bringing hope and help

The Social entrepreneur, is an individual who has a focus and commitment to business results in which it operates, and also worries about the impact of their actions on the environment, wishing thus to become an agent of change in society. His work is related to the third sector and environmental projects.

The social entrepreneur is a visionary and a humanitarian spirit, because you can view questions have not yet perceived by society, seeking solutions and improvements through a different perspective, respecting the social reality of each individual. Its practice contributes to the social development of others, positively influencing the realities met.
The social entrepreneur believes that the emergence of a more justice and egalitarian society occurs when there are opportunities for everyone to develop their skills and knowledge, transforming the social actors in social protagonists, or agents of change.
Among the features present in the social entrepreneur, we can highlight: proactivity, teamwork, leadership, easy to handle different scenarios, an initiative to solve problems and engage with a social cause.
Social entrepreneurship, not only aims to identify and solve problems of society, but also is committed to disseminating good practices for the people, companies and organizations to have the opportunity to improve their growing practices and actions.
Social entrepreneurs are individuals committed to projects that work, concerned with the application of its ideas and its intervention in society. This social protagonist knows how to overcome obstacles to create significant changes and positively affect society.
The action involves undertaking socially positive thinking and rethinking strategies for dissemination of this specific question, whether nationally or internationally.
Benefits to engage socially with one question:
- Create and disseminate works of improvements in the social area;
-Opportunities to develop career in recognized institutions, and encourage social practice;
-Opportunity to contribute to institutions or disadvantaged social groups, and so transforming impact these realities.

The practice of social entrepreneur changes the rationale for institutions already established, bringing new ideas, attitudes and practices that meet marginalized social groups.

By Daniela Silva

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