Saturday, 5 May 2012

Take control of your life!

It is incredible that in 12 years working as Social Communicator this is my first writing about women, and I feel very proud to do this because I believe that our role as women is very important to the future of the world. We should fight together to defend our rights and protect our gender as something valuable and beautiful.

I want to start my first post by talking about the importance of being strong in difficult situations and being brave enough to denounce any violent act against us. I have a clear idea of how hard it is to take the decision because a lot of reasons: in my country, for example, women don’t denounce their husbands or boyfriends because of their child or because the economic dependence.

But, have you ever thought of what would to happen if you did not denounce the violence at home at the first time? Maybe the violent person is going to hurt you more and maybe hurt the kids, too. Are you prepared to have a life in pain? Are you ready to save your child against the strong of an angry man? If your answer is no, I invite you to have the control of your life and take a decision.

All countries have laws to protect children’s and women’s rights, and you can look for a foundation or corporation that supports you with lawyers and psychologists trained to help you in tough moments. I know that some cultures are different than others, and in some countries it is difficult to take such kind of decisions. But I also know how valuable our life is and the life of our children are, and at the same time how fragile it could be. That is the reason I encourage you to have a strong position and ask for help. I’m sure that you have parents, brothers, sisters, cousins or some family who loves you and can support you when you take a decision.

I know that you fear because you did not know how your future would be, if you can have a job or how to survive, and because you did not know how your aggressor would take advantage of the situation: In my country some women leave their boyfriends because he arrived drunk and hurt them and followed and harassed her for a long time. In this difficult situation she believes that it was the best decision for her and her two children.

I believe that you are the only owner of your life, and if you have the determination and the courage to take control, you are going to be successful and have a better life without violence and with the opportunity to be happy again. You are not alone.

I believe in you, Girl!

These are some foundations around the world that could help you if you are suffering:

DeltaWomen. Nigeria.

Asian Task Force against Domestic Violence.

Asia Foundation.

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the empowerment of women:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. United States.

White Ribbon. Australia.

Fundación Mujeres. España.

Fundamujer. Venezuela.

Fundación para la Dignificación de la Mujer. México.

Servicio Violencia Familiar Hospital Alvear. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Fundación Cuña Aty. Uruguay.

Fundación Anabella. Colombia.

By Claudia Fierro López

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