Saturday, 2 June 2012

How to help an abused kid and prevent the children mistreatment

The first step is being alert to identify this cases and denounce them, especially if you are teacher, working parent or guardian that suspects about mistreatment against child. Sometime a psychologist or lawyer can guide you to find help for the family in troubles.

It is important to guide the family to have therapy and to call the police when the abuse happens, because abuse is a crime. If your familiar is being abused you should protect he or she staying present all the time, never leaving the kid alone with the aggressor and trying to speak fast about this with a psychologist or social assistance.

If the kid is hurt leave him to a hospital and denounce the aggressor there with social assistance. Be secure to have power over the kid because the attacker can accuse you back and you can be in troubles. To be secure call a parent if you are a teacher or a nanny and call another familiar if the abuser is the parent.

If you are teacher you also can promote spaces to talk about violence against kids with the parents and other families and even the kids. It is important to give them acknowledge about human rights and children rights.


By Claudia Fierro

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