Friday, 15 June 2012


Self-Esteem and Self-Worth are two tools of utmost significance in the life of any human being, and of a doubly significant value in the life of a woman.  Self-esteem is deeply embedded in a plethora of factors right from intellectual issues to the question of their appearances, a woman can wind up struggling under the yoke of an attack to their self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem ensures success in every endeavour she undertakes. To have a healthy self-esteem, is to have confidence, the ability to take on relationships and opportunities with confidence.

Self-esteem implies having the belief that you deserve to be happy. Therefore, to say that you have a good self-esteem means that you believe you are capable of meeting challenges as they come before you and force themselves on you. You have the right and are worthy of being happy. Poor choices can alter the lives of women forever. Self-esteem helps women maintain a positive attitude, which assists them in pursuing a number of life skills. Positive people are happier, optimistic and able to see the bright side in any situation. They succeed because they are hopeful that their efforts will result in success.

A woman with self-esteem will make friends easily and build healthy relationships with their peers and with adults. Young women with good self-esteem easily forgive themselves for making mistakes and don't dwell on the negative. They are more likely to stick with projects to the end.

Women have an immense and incomparable potential to contribute to economic growth, prosperity and societal evolution. Gender-based violence of any kind, affects women globally, and does not just destroy lives, but actually, winds up breaking the very backbone of society, depriving the world of the talent it urgently needs. Women are, doubtless, agents of change. The innate penchant for being able to manage a household within the confines of a shoestring budget, whipping up a meal despite being desperately in demand from all quarters of a household, keeping a whole house together- women have the ability to do all of this and more. Women can, and are, the champions of a successful society, and the forerunners for global order and peace. Society cannot successfully tackle the challenges that confront it on every front- be it the environment, security, economics, development, and more, if women are not engaged at every level of society.

Make a simple choice. Self-Esteem and Optimism, or Self-Hate and Pessimism.

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