Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Another kind of discrimination

The recent two weeks in Colombia, my country, exploded a tremendous scandal because a renowned journalist wrote an article about the advantages of being a fat woman in a very humiliating way, saying things like a fat woman is a big couch-hugging man along side other offensive expressions that maddened as many as 3.000 women who let their anger surface through social media.

It made me think about the kinds of discrimination and how easy it is to offend and hurt people, and also how carefully should we be when we are writers. Unfortunately the journalist had been criticized and treated for the offended women are naive and ignorant and the media that published this article is begging pardon from the Colombian readers.

Suddenly when I was concentrating on the scandal, another journalist known for his critical position about the world, wrote asking why the people in our country were spending energies in this superficial scandal when 417 women died in Colombia in a violent way in the first part of 2012. This quote broke my heart and questioned me because when we live in a country where we hear about death on all days we didn´t stop to think how cruel this reality is and how unfair life is.

That’s the reason why I decided to write this post, because I feel that we need to be the voice of the victimized women who are not here anymore to fight for the end of violence. I want to clarify that I´m not justifying the act of the journalist against fat women, I think it is cruel and also unfair, but I also think that the real reason to protest and be angry is the violence against women.
I should confess that the people in this country sometimes have reaction about this kind of crimes, recently one woman died after being raped and tortured in a park and the people organized a protest, but our fight needs to be stronger and decisive because this kind of abuses cannot continue.

I guess this is a start, but I´m going to look for another ways to contribute to this cause. From now, I expect to start creating conscience about the importance of being worry about the violence against women.

By Claudia Fierro

This is the article to question me about violence:

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