Monday, 2 July 2012

Protect your kids from bullying

Yesterday I was watching an old episode of a television show called “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” They were helping a family with a cruel history: one of their children committed suicide because he was a bullying victim.

After saw this program I considered it a responsibility on my part to talk about bulling in a post. I am going to start with the definition of bullying. It refers to any kind of abuse (physical or verbal) against boys and girls in scholar age, usually this abuse is constant and worst with the time and occurs into the school or outside, sometimes into the neighborhood.

The aggressor uses any excuse to mock of the victim with nicknames, insults, ridiculing the behavior, stolen the food and also with physical aggression as knocks, kicks, pinches and others. Usually the victims are intimidated and this is the principal reason because nobody knows their situation.

As a mother, father, brother or sister, it is your responsibility to stay alert and ask constantly about the situation at school and with friends. These are six ways to identify if your kid is victim of bullying. Look to see:

  • If your kid doesn´t want to go to school and constantly invents illness to avoid school.
  • If he suffers vomiting, stomach pain or headache and also if he presents bruises.
  • If you see a change of behavior in the kid (mood swings, crying, sadness and nightmares or lack of appetite)
  • If he is constantly losing things or breaking things.
  • If he doesn´t want to see his friends and prefers to be alone at home.
  • If he is having bad results at school.

What can you do if your kid is a bullying victim?
  • Give him or her support and love.
  • Talk with the teacher and authorities of the school.
  • Try to have more information talking with teachers, friends and parents.
  • Ask the school for help and intervention.
  • Look for the best way to protect your kid.
  • Evaluate the child with professional help. If necessary have a meeting with a specialist.

The most important thing is to protect your kid and change the situation, is also important consider, in other cases, if your son could be an aggressor or a quiet witness and take action about this.


Víctima o victimario: roles del acoso escolar (Victim or aggressor: roles of bullying):

6 señales para saber si tu hijo sufre bullying (6 signs to know if your son if a bullying victim):ñales-para-saber-si-tu-hijo-sufre-bullying-.html

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