Friday, 24 August 2012

Safe? Where? Inside, or Outside the Womb?

My blog title must be a mind boggler for some. Well, what I wish to ask is:  Is a girl safe inside her mother’s womb or outside in this abhorrent world?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is simply “nowhere”.  The reason is that a new born girl is considered to be a bad omen. It is very unfortunate to have to say this, but as believed by some, she is an unyielding gift by Lord. That is why these days; people are becoming keener in getting medical tests done so that the gender of the child can be known. They can take actions to avoid a girl - actions like preparing for abortion – the easiest and ‘safest’ way of feticide. A new life is about to breathe, be a part of your lives, but instead of welcoming her, family plans are in order for her brutal murder. No safety inside the womb.

But the story doesn’t ends here. Even if a girl child is lucky to survive, she faces abuses like rape, trafficking, kidnapping and harassment – typical issues that don’t leave her doorstep. Victims of such nuisance think wish that they weren’t alive. Unscrupulous men have considered women as use-and-throw-objects. I feel low just after writing and thinking about it. Where am I safe? Inside me, there breathes a woman who calls out for change, who wishes to fly freely and walk on her own path on her own terms, not as dictated by men. Such problems are being heard and addressed globally but effective solutions have not come into place yet. There cannot be any solution to this, unless and until it comes from within every individual – the intention to respect women. I am not asking for much – just give us the simple respect – we are, after all, dignified and glorified creations of God.

By Aakshi Kalra

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