Saturday, 25 August 2012


The patriarchal society prevailing in large parts of the world is the cause for all discrimination being faced by women across the world. The reason is simple - As efforts have been on to dismantle the patriarchal system, it is apparent that there is a tremendous degree of resistance to the fact that we cannot give space to women in society. Legal steps have been initiated in the international community and yet it is apparent that the will is lacking as far as implementing the same on ground is concerned. 

The age old discrimination being faced by the woman is so blatant and obvious that any action initiated is bound to meet with resistance at all steps of changes visualized in the proposed law of the land. These discriminatory acts start in the most basic of family and society affairs and then keep on piling up to add to the woes of the world woman population.

It is imperative that such changes are enunciated at the family level and it is only then it will be possible for the woman to have their rightful place in the society that had been denied to them since time immemorial. In the family it is the mother who can be the true harbinger of change in the attitude that one desires in the society. Who else but a mother who can well understand the blatant infringement of rights being faced by the women fraternity? Thus it should be the endeavor of all   concerned in the governance of nations to target the mother by all available means to implement this attitudinal change.

It is going to be a very slow process yet it can show results in years to come. Since today’s attitudes have got crystallized in years of propaganda and lack of awareness hence the same will get dismantled in the same time frame. yet we have to pledge ourselves that we will not give up our fight to  see these attitudes going into oblivion.

By Rajiv Tewari

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