Monday, 20 August 2012

Stand up

The government has come up with new laws, constitutions have been changed, society has stood up and is willing to lend a helping hand. We have now been given the courage that we lacked all this time to stand up for ourselves. We now have people behind us, willing to take a stand with us, but the verdict to this case is society cannot help us if we are not willing to help ourselves. 

It is us who should stand up. It is I who should stand up, put my foot down and say I will not be abused, I who should stand up start dusting myself of this poverty, I who should decide I want to get my education. It is time to realize the importance of the self. It is agreed that the women are the trees that bear nations, we are the life of the family and if that life does not acknowledge the importance of themselves how then will the branches that stem out of her know of this tree‘s importance. 

Women need to realize the influence they have on the world, that we not only give birth to its population but that the way we look at the world influences the way a our families and societies will look at it. A hopeful, hard working woman gives hope to her family, she sheds on them a light that will lead them through life and its trials on the other hand as well a gloomy woman will lead the people around her into darkness. 

We need to understand that we have so much power within us to change the world, and that power is can only be awakened by the realization of the self. We need to know who we are, know our worth. Child bearing and housework is just a mere fraction of our capabilities, we have proved beyond doubt that we can do that now its time to show the world the rest of our capabilities. We are born leaders, we have led families with our love with passion with strength we can do the same to the world. We are healers, it is time we heal the world. We give life, let us breath back hope into the corridors of our streets, into the lungs of the world. We are teachers, let us teach the world to love again to work their hearts and minds intertwined. There is so much we can do, let us stand up, for us, for our families, for our suns and daughters. Their all waiting on us, this worlds needs us now more than ever.  

By Tshwetso Kaan

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  1. Awesome poetry. Reminds of a stolen phrase from Against the Wind: I wish I didn't know now, What I didm't know then" If e could only save our daughters from walking the same streets of shame and self hate. Maybe we can at least model Love so they will recognize the difference.
    Loren Jones/Oakland, Ca. usa