Monday, 13 August 2012

The greatest battle for Women is to survive

For eternity I felt that uncertainty  about the fact from which most women’s dilemma  originate, for a long time I thought it was all about facing society, the right to be educated, the right to have an occupation, and the right to become entirely independent without breaking traditions or etiquette  but I ultimately concluded the genuine  bottomless yet obvious origin is survival. After studying  women, I learned that they can be soft and fragile but act robust  like a high apex mountain that cannot be broken or bent by the strongest wind because if they don’t, they have full knowledge that they won’t survive to favor the life they otherwise possess.

Women face much more problems than those of men. This is especially true of all working women, because men are usually focused in the job and anticipate that their house will be running amazingly smoothly because there is a women that organizes, cleans and raises the kids. Women woalk the extra mile to make sure that all the work on the home front are done. Working women have responsibilities to survive through without showing the simplest sign of being crushed by super pressure caused by the loads of responsibilities of everyday life.

Several women have added battles in other arena - in the form of emotions. Many mothers live with their husbands only for the sake of their children. They want to ensure that their children have the best - they want their children to be raised with both, their father and mother under the same roof. They hide their desires to be set free. Instead, they crusade and try to fight to survive through their nightmares and dreams to keep their children’s dreams alive. Survival is quintessential to basic human nature. It strikes in the worst scenarios, but in women it glows at all times. Women strive not only to stay alive, but to satisfy their needs and dreams.

By Rugia Malik

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