Tuesday, 14 August 2012

To Farida, with Respect

Women in Pakistan are not safe. They have to encounter various difficulties in the society. Thinking of working in office is taboo, but there are daring girls like Farida Afridi, who sadly sacrificed her life for the cause of women. She was activist and assertive worker who rendered valuable service for national social organizations based in Khyber Pakhtoonkha. The Khyber Pakhtoonkha province is already riddled with cases where the condition of women is deplorable to say the least. 

Farida had received several threats from hardliners for a long time. She was adamant in her mission and didn’t care for such intimidation. She had in her veins the blood of a warrior and belonged to the daring race of women. One morning when Farida returned home from office, two motorcyclists restrained her on the way. They shot at her and killed her in broad daylight. 

This incident really cries shame on such fanatics. Civil society and Human rights organizations have condemned the despicable deed of these hardliners who wanted to silence women. They are, however, ignorant of the fact that their nefarious acts have brought millions of supporters of Farida to gather together at one platform.  The onus of responsibility lies on the government, which has failed in its duty to ensure the protection of women, their lives and rights. The organization I am working for is determined to unveil perpetrators and will keep staging its protests, rallies and the like until those on the wrong are given punishment. Such cowardly acts cannot cast down the hope and courage of women who work for the emancipation of other women. The Killing of Farida does is not tantamount to silencing women or oppressing their rights. This has given impetus to Thousands of Faridas, who wait to battle it out with courage. The sad thing is that incident took place in a region where women are highly revered and given high respect in the society. The fact that that very region has fallen prey to hardliners who do not want see women progressive and enlightened is very disheartening.

By Ashfak Siyal

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  1. It's a war against Civilization and Feminism( one of its pillars). We miss strong feminists. Challenging ones.