Wednesday, 19 September 2012

DeltaWomen Releases its First Ebook

For immediate release

September 19, 2012

Deltawomen is bringing out a series of Researched Briefs titled “Financial Inclusion of Women – an Analysis of Policy and Practice across the World”.

Deltawomen NGO has been tirelessly involved in the pursuit of women’s empowerment and in championing the cause of women’s rights. Besides active campaigns denouncing Sexual Harassment of Women and Violence against Women, DeltaWomen has recently brought out a fully researched Policy Brief on the Financial Inclusion of Women.

Development stems from economic growth and reduced income disparities. The linchpin in this process is the creation of access to financial services without any restrictions. Access to financial service for women has a critical role to play in the process of development. Whether managing a household or managing a full-blown entrepreneurship venture, enabling a woman to access monetary services, banking and investment opportunities opens up an avenue of economic evolution.

Inclusive financial systems allow women to protect their families’ interests of consumption, their own business endeavours, while also lending them a helping hand to insure themselves against several economic vulnerabilities that encumber them. This can have long-term implications – women can help educate future generations with the money, develop their means of livelihood through job-creating entrepreneurial ventures and through micromanagement of monetary fluxes in the household.

Considering these focus points, Delta Women has embarked on a brief study of regions across the world. The project comprises carefully drafted chapters that also work as standalone papers, drawing up the detailed history of each region, outlining their best and worst practices, and offering policy suggestions and recommendations befitting the needs of each region. Covering a range of statistical data, the e-book can be used entirely, or, can be studied in parts as each research paper focuses on one region. The papers are available on

Elsie Ijorogu-Reed first formed Deltawomen through her desire to provide a sense of empowerment to the women of Delta State. Her desire to give back has helped Deltawomen offer support for basic needs and human rights. Today, Deltawomen works to teach social, political, and economic empowerment to women.

Delta Women has a four-part vision that helps guide its course:

§  To be a contributory force in the emancipation of women by helping them cope with the rigors of the 21st century.
§  To assist in the dispensing of myths that have held women bound to the shackles of the past.
§  To encourage women’s voices to be heard and respected by all.
§  To lift the profile of Delta Women and enable them to take a seat in driving the Delta State and Nigeria forward.

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