Thursday, 20 September 2012



Honourable Julius Okpoko is the member
representing Okpe constituency in the Delta
State House of Assembly. This Democratic
Peoples' Party (DPP) member is currently the
minority leader of the House.

A reliable source informed Delta Decides 2015
that this honourable member is seriously
trying to sabotage all efforts in putting a
school in Okuijorogu community in Okpe LGA
which he represents at the State House.
According to him, "Okuijorogu people did not
vote for him during the last general election."

A request letter was sent by DeltaWomen NGO
to the state governor, the speaker of the State
House of
Assembly, Hon. Julius Okpoko (himself) and
the commissioner for Basic and Secondary

However, the state governor sent his
delegation to visit the said community
without a school, upon seeing the letter. The
speaker, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei on his part
minuted on the letter and sent it to Hon.
Okpoko but he never acted on it.

When contacted on phone by our messenger,
one of his PAs acknowledged receiving the
minuted letter from Rt. Hon. Ochei and the
one brought by DeltaWomen NGO, but said he
has handed them over to his boss(Hon.
Okpoko) and wondered
why he has not acted on it.

Our messenger tried calling Hon. Okpoko on
phone for clarification, he declined, refusing
to speak with us.

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  1. I am honored to read this report. We need more of these reports to help us see clearly the people sabotaging our progress. Deltawomen, welldone! And thank you.