Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Emotional abuse: painful of all abuses

Can we imagine the extent of emotional suffering of a child because of her parents when they do not find time for their child from their schedule? The major reasons behind this are money chasing and ego fights. The lust to earn more than others takes people away from their families and duties. What adds icing to the cake is domestic fight situation between parents which happens quite often. They are more powerful than violent physical abuses. Physical bruises can be healed with ointments and painkillers whereas internal wounds which are caused by harsh words can never be treated. 

“Once spoken words, cannot be taken back”

No matter how much we try we cannot forget such memories, they have been sewed into our hearts forever. Unfortunately when adults who indulge in fights are incapable of managing such situations maturely, how can we expect children at a tender age to understand and behave accordingly? I pity such parents who are not able to spend quality time with their children and instead waste golden moments of parenting like this. Children are like mouldable wax that shape up according to what they perceive through surroundings and family. They act and react the same way as their parents do. It is painful to see parents quarrelling over issues. 

A girl child is more sensitive than a boy child. Girls are little more submissive and shy by nature; they take words to heart more easily than boys. A child especially a girl undergoes a series of emotional changes when she sees her parents fighting over every on and then. She constructs a building of her own in which four walls are made of hatred with discrepancy in feelings and emotions. She begins to consider her life after marriage a burdensome plan of destiny. She feels that there is no life after marriage as the fighting has no end. 

Such a child sleeps on a wet pillow every night while expecting a sigh of relief next morning. Her silent crying days covered by an excuse that something went into her eye, to explain the watery redness is a disheartening story to narrate. Ultimately, the ones who suffer due to the clashes of egos and busy schedules… are the children especially sensitive girls.

-Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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