Wednesday, 17 October 2012

With Malice towards fellow citizens

Molested in public. Raped in front of hundreds of people - people who poured in to see the live porn. People, like you sir, who could just sympathize with her situation but not take any action. People who knew it was wrong but were afraid to raise a voice. People, like those cameramen, who were worried more about capturing the exclusive footage, rather than helping the victim. People, like our worthy policemen, who were more interested in taking bribes at a nearby checkpoint, rather than reaching out for the women in trouble.
A 17 year old girl is molested by a group of 20 youths; and I quote the word 'YOUTHS'; in public. Her mistake - and mind you, WE are the best people to judge what's wrong and right for someone else, especially the women, isn't it?? - she was a visitor at a night pub.

And there our brains strike - A GIRL. A night pub visitor. Ooo!! She must be a prostitute. Her morals are not correct. Perhaps we should set them right, for we are the highest moral authority in her life; aren't we??
And so we collectively approach the girl. Molest her. Torment her. Blot her for life. Bring disgrace to her and her family. And then walk in proud, proud because we have given her the best deal, we have set her morals right.


O thou rapists, answer me. Answer those sisters of mine whose soul you crucified, those ladies, who now never walk down the lonely streets and those girls, who now doubt the integrity of every man who comes in their life. Answer them.

Whose morals weren't correct?? Was it YOU or her??

Was it YOU, who was perverted enough to impress your desires over her's OR was it her, who was just having a gala time at a pub??

Well, how could it have been YOU? The victims were the culprits, isn't it?? If none else, at-least our ministers believe this.

"Girls should not go in public wearing provocative clothes. It seduces, prompting such incidents", Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) - West Bengal. Hah!! Shame on YOU sir. If only you could have developed a broader mindset, (and forbid me when I say) if only your daughter had been raped, would you have been able to understand the disgust of your comments.

O Minister of mine, don't tell me what to do; I am doing my job and if i get raped, its you who are to blame. YOU. You didn't provide me with better security. Your officials weren't there to protect me.
Its YOU who has those VVIP securities, not ME. I walk alone. Alone in those lonely streets where threats of rape, kidnapping and terrorism haunt me.

I get killed. I get raped. I, Not YOU. And so, why should it bother You.

Well sir do the best you can - take a nap and digest the loot. The citizens of this country will come up with some jugaad. But sir, do remember one thing - Don't show your spiteful face during the elections, it just won't help.

Dear esteemed citizens of my great country, which we so proudly call the Incredible India, its time we changed our attitude and grow in ourselves true morals and social etiquette. We just can't take anymore social nuisance, anymore discrimination between North Indians and South Indians, anymore of rapes and kidnappings. Its time we changed our mindset and sprout the seeds of a new India. Its time we grow.
Its time we never get to read such blog posts again.

Written by Arjun Tuli

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