Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Importance of schooling in a girl’s life

A school is a temple of learning. Students learn the first strains of the notes in the practical world. Through schooling, a child starts her journey of education which transforms them to an adult, an intelligent mature person who knows what is right. In case of women, education is even more important.

As it is said, “An educated woman in the family means that the whole family is educated”

Education helps in alleviation from the curse of poverty. Schooling is the stepping stone of growth in terms of morality. A girl becomes aware of her surroundings, her basic rights and their judicial use. Unfortunately, in our so-called modern world not many girls have access to schools. In fact in rural areas there aren't enough schools for teaching girls. In some of the villages, a room has been allocated to facilitate schooling. Scant provisions and amenities make it difficult to continue education.

The financial condition of the family is a big constraint to schooling especially among girls. I spoke to a woman who works as a household help. She forced her daughter to learn how to sweep and cook. The reluctance in her daughter made me interfere. She said there is no point in educating her daughter. What is the use her studying, her mother asked. By learning household chores, she would be able to earn her livelihood, she argued. This is what we have been doing and seems to continue... After all, marriage is the end with children in hand, she said. 

Education is in the secondary list for them. It is not the fault of the woman that she was born in such a condition. But she doesn't understand that she can break the chain of events by educating her daughter.

- Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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