Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Harsh Realities

Memories play a vital role in our journey. We act according to our past experiences which are remembered as memories. Thus, indirectly they build our opinions and reflect our judgments. Ask any one and you’ll be able to hear that memories of childhood are being cherished throughout life. It was the best time of our life. Once we start understanding the world, we lose ourselves in the midst of the mundane - and then we reconnect with the beautiful days of yesterday. That’s how childhood memories are special.

But somehow the definition is reforming. Children want to grow faster and experience things at an age prior to the one designated for the same. There are no fixed standards but it is always better to do childish stuff when you are a kid. That’s what childhood is about. My grandparents and my great grandparents told me that their childhood went in playing various games and studying. In our case or what I have been observing in the newer generations is that there’s lot more to do in childhood apart from basic studying and playing - gadgets, watching inappropriate programs on television, accessing too much information on the iInternet - The gadget world has no doubt brought us together but it has taken the simple life away. Most of us are now addicted to electronics and its gadgets. It is hard to stay away from them.

My little sister finds it awkward to go out and play with her friends. She prefers to watch TV instead or surf the net. These days, she plays with my phone and sends messages her friends. At times, I feel I am running late as compared to her. Memories are still important for her as well. In fact, Understanding how memory functions in children and adolescents might lead to more effective teaching strategies in the classroom. Memories have been redefined indeed but their role remains the same. Emotions are driven in the same wagon whenever we recall childhood.

And on the other end of the spectrum are the unfortunate ones.

Unfortunately, some little girls do not know what childhood is. They spend their time in fighting with poverty and its miseries. Their rugged pillow is their favorite doll. In the morning, I was lucky that I could help a young girl. Her clothes portrayed her penury. I spoke to her and in between I just mentioned some game which was quite popular in my childhood… and what she replied, “What is this? I am hearing this for the first time. I don’t know when did my childhood came and left. I just know that I am and I was a laborer.”
I am shocked at this diversity.
-Written by Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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