Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Life of a woman: Career vs. Responsibilities

Women in developed world are prone to difficult situations in terms of having to make critical decisions. Her fight begins at birth and continues till the end. Survival of the fittest theory is suitable for all but in case of women it is moreover a case of survival of the strongest which prevails. 

A woman is often tied up choosing between priorities and duties. To educate each and every girl is a good deal, but the other side of coin says that not just education can uplift her completely. Old traditional ideas need modernization. A woman is no more a chattel to be confined at home neither a laborer who is meant to work continuously with no complaints and no demands. Even if she seamlessly works, she is not being appreciated for her endeavors and at times, faces physical abuses.

An educated urban woman meets situations of another kind. The much needed balance at work and home makes her compromise on various essential aspects. Many a time, it is a difficult call to decide upon priorities - whether career first or home first. Equilibrium is essential. For bachelor women, it is the marriage which asks for choices between the two. For some, marriages come as a blockage between them and their career.

Neither every woman gets a chance to build a career of her choice nor does every woman get to work post marriage. The ones who are blessed with an opportunity to work after marriage complain too. Although as a human being, we all tend to complaints at one point of time for some or the other reason, very few people are content with what they have. But what if the reasons are valid? 

It is indeed a difficult situation to balance upon issues concerning family and profession. But everything can be sorted out if she gets ample of support from her family. Performance increases immensely if she stays hale and hearty. A woman never minds being a home-maker; in fact that’s her most adored 'job'. But respect is something she deserves, but isn't given.

By Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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