Monday, 22 October 2012

Me and My Silent World

My world says a lot of things to me but silently. My desires and dreams say a mouthful though the entire world is unable to hear me. My mother says I am special but with a pinch of difference. I wish the world could understand what my mother used to say without listening a word. 

I am a 7 year old girl who wishes to go to school. But I cannot be admitted because I am dumb. My life is as joyful as it is for other children when it comes to family love. I may not be able to scream in happiness while playing but I feel content and glad inside.

The tears of my mother hurt me. At times I think I am the reason behind her crying.

Somehow, I also know that my smile makes her smile and doubles her strength to fight back with time. She wishes to see me educated but is that possible? We are not that financially sound that we could afford private schooling for me. Unfortunately, mostly children like me are born at homes where they are in need of a helping hand not a burdensome bag.

A few days back, I fell in my room while I was climbing the ladder. I experienced sharp shooting pain. I wanted to yell out but…. I couldn’t. I had sprained my foot. My family presumed that I had slept. When they found me, my mother cried out in guilt.

But don't feel sad for me. I am like every other kid. I am not looking for sympathies. It was a small accident and I believe we all learn through falls. I am nowhere less than anyone. Life is full of challenges and I am ready to accept them. Only if someone is not willing to override my confidence and wreak havoc, of course, but even then, I will fight back.

Certain influential people of society come and speak big things about disabilities and their possible cure. Their false promises come on floor when it comes to testing period. We do not need sympathy or monetary help. We require support so that we can flourish too. Give us the equal standing.

-By Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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