Friday, 26 October 2012

How to depend less on people´s opinion

We can´t deny that there are important people in our life who we trust, and look for some advice when tuff decisions come into our life, or when we need to receive some feedback about how we´re dealing with certain duties. In spite of their help, we´re the ones in charge of the decisions we make and their consequences, and the ones who should support them, and believe on our conscious and our inner voice who says what is right or wrong.

However, not all of us are ready to deal with comments or criticism of the rest of people about how we live and behave. This is a real shame, since no one else can handle the same purpose in life, and no one else has knowledge enough to judge strongly our decisions and behavior. We have to be proud of who we really are, and improve all the time, based on our own wellness, not in what other people are going to say about me.
In order to get this attitude, here are some ideas that can help:

  • Freedom of someone else´s opinion:  We need to trust in our inner voice, this can avoid people of being slaves of people´s opinions, or being tied to prejudices and repeat them in our lifes,  just because that was the way we were raised, without analyzing if it works for us or not. This situation causes unhappiness, and reduces our capacity of choosing and building our own story.
  • Happiness depends upon us: We just can share it with people, but we can´t expect people to make us happy.  Happiness is an attitude, not an emotion that depends on people´s approval.
  • Nobody can make us feel less, without our consent: We can dedicate time, an hour daily if possible, to build our self- esteem, to visualize who we really are, what we want in life, heal our heart, and recover our force to reach our goals.
  • Being yourself is a gift: If we only hope the praise and worship to feel valuable, we can be so easily destroyed by criticism of others, by malice, by discredit. It can address out lifes to depression and affects our immunologic system.
  • Our own opinion is more important that the opinion of anyone: Other´s opinions are exactly this, other´s opinion. We know what we have faced in life, our efforts, our personal battles, all valuable things we have given to people, our weak areas, and our strengths. There´s nobody else with the capacity to build a really deep opinion about us, but ourselves.

So, before trying to look for approval or recognition, build it inside, where you know who you really are, and how strong you can be to reach what you want in life.

By Rebeca Alvarez Montoya


  1. Very nice and interesting, Congratulations

  2. I love the first idea ! Don't be a slave of other's opinion, that is a key point to improve your life.