Sunday, 4 November 2012

An NGO Under Attack For Doing The Right Thing

By Ebegboni Nicholas---Agbor
Comrade Kelvin Nwoko, the assistant Press Secretary of Deltawomen, an an international Non-Governmental Organization, established with the aim to reaching out to sexually abused females and under privileged in the society, spoke to newsmen in our office on some issues including the attacks being launched at the group..
"It will be recalled" "that an activist posted the picture of the dilapidated structure of Ugba Primary School, Onicha-Olona in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State on the internet. This post necessitated the visit of the NGO(Deltawomen) to the school, to see how they could help the community in making the school a standard one. However, on getting there, it was discovered that the school has been renovated." Speaking further, he said that on seeing the development, the activist who posted the picture of the dilapidated school was quickly informed of the latest development and asked to upload the picture of the new look of the school, an issue the activist did not object.
"But to my greatest surprise, immediately after uploading the picture of the renovated school, the activist removed all members of my NGO from her list of friends in her group page, and not only that, threat messages have been received by me and some principal officers of Deltawomen.
To Deltans and Nigerians at large, I want to state that Deltawomen is not for witch hunting. The ideal of using NGOs or pressure groups to witch-hunt political office holders is not the best. People should be objective, at least when criticism is made and the person(s) concern redirects their step, an attempt should be made to commend their efforts.
Kudos to the CEO of Deltawomen, Mrs Elsie Ijorou-Reed, for leading the team that went to Ugba Primary School for inspection. I know that no matter the threat to you or any of us, we will never relent from doing what is right he said."

Culled from Ikaweekly newspaper Saturday November 3-Saturday November 10, 2012 page 11

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