Sunday, 4 November 2012

Woman of Substance

I was lucky enough to attend a ‘different yet special’ party last evening with my family and a few friends. The party was in honor of a hardworking and talented female engineer. Though the word ‘engineer’ doesn’t need any gender specification but after yesterday’s party, it is important to mention it. She was also an exceptional artist. Recently, she put forward a design of a building which amazed people. The architecture of the proposed building was commendable. Most of the times, it is difficult for a man to digest the success of a woman and that too in a field which he considers solely his. Unfortunately, many had gathered in the party to have a look at the vivacious lady and to make a mockery of her achievements. It is indeed hard for most of the men to subside the voice of their ego. According to human psychology, “Success of others especially counter-gender pains more than their own failure”

It is not true for all men but for many. In the party, she was questioned by one of the male guests as to whether this design was copied from somewhere or someone has helped her to make it. She replied with a grin saying that he had forgotten to mention one more option - that she herself might have created the design. Another witless man asked about her family and said, “Are you not married?” She responded quickly and said, “I don’t know how this question affects my work output but if it gratifies you then I am happily married and blessed with two kids. Family and profession can be balanced simultaneously.” Everyone applauded but few were still unsatisfied. One more person was interested in knowing about whether she was being favored in her career path as she belonged to the “inferior gender”. She remained composed and answered, “I don’t belong to any “inferior” gender as my gender is as equal as yours. Be mindful of your words.” Her adroit handling of the delicate situation pleased and encouraged all women around. A single ‘educated’ woman could teach moral values to the full party hall. 

The gist is that a strong willed woman can manage her professional and personal life effectively. She is an asset to the family and whole nation.

By Dr. Aakshi Kalra

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