Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The courage to leave a life in pain

Recently I was waiting for an appointment with my Nutritionist in my medical services and I saw a mom with her little children waiting for his Pediatrician. She looked very bad, with a big bruise around the eye and the eye full of blood.

Obviously she was an abuse victim and in that moment I wanted to help her. I actually asked to the receptionist if they couldn´t do anything for her through the medical service. The answer: If she didn´t denounce the abuse, we can´t help her because is a privacy violation and you can be punished by the law.

I was trying to understand why women are so complacent and resist abuse in silence. Maybe because of fear, or the kind of abuse or persecution, because of love, because of the kids - but nobody deserves a life in pain. I felt the need to write again about courage.

I want to invite all abused women to take a moment of reflection on their lives. Think how wonderful is life and how many beautiful opportunities we have to live with people who really love us and don´t want to hurt us.

I´m sure that is a difficult decision to think in abandon the person who you love, but you need to be strong and leave the abuse situation because the reality is that you are in danger, and your kids are, too. Life is too special to risk it for stay in this kind of situations.

You can look for counsel and help about the best way to take the decision, go to an specialist, make a plan with your family, look for a lawyer. If you haven´t any money you can find a lot of foundations and institutions that can help you. Please don´t let the abuse happen anymore. I encourage you to gift your live with a relief and a better life situation.
Please take the decision right now.

By Claudia Fierro

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