Friday, 11 January 2013

Being a woman!

God hasn’t given us the right to decide upon the gender of offspring. Thanks to him - otherwise the results would have been devastating. God already knew the mind set of his men and the consequences thereof. Still many would-be parents tend to be God and try to know the gender of their child in womb. Though, it is illegal and unbinding as per the law and ethics. Their ideology is to find out whether there is a baby boy or a girl. If boy then it is the joyous session for the entire family; if girl child then it is the matter of concern. Birth of a girl child is an issue of grief because what would a girl bring to the family- neither generations which would take the family name ahead nor monetary gain. They say a girl is a liability after all. Another aspect is the constant threat to her dignity. This is not my personal thinking but an accepted norm since ages.

Domestic violence, molestation, dowry issues, widow re-marriage, child marriage and physical abuse of many kinds are a few problems which many women face during their lives. Reason for facing any sort of abuse is just that she is born as a woman. Is that a crime? She is equally capable of earning for the family nowadays. Isn’t a man born out of a woman?  

Sadly, condition of the woman is deteriorating day by day. It is becoming difficult for her to step out of house unhesitatingly. If recent case of Delhi gang rape was less then there are many more cases being reported on daily basis. They might have not got the same lime light but they are happening on a severe scale. The brutal treatment towards woman is astonishing. The ill will is still claiming the lives. It was reported in newspaper that the numbers of rape cases are increasing dramatically and in multiples in Delhi. Is it a herculean to task to respect a woman’s dignity? I asked 2 of my colleagues about their views about these incidents and their replies were that they are not happy being a woman. This is so unfortunate. Being a woman is a blessing as God considered you good enough to be the one! We can’t let this continue and make our gender suffer with continuing misery and fear.

One cannot imagine the world without women. Stop teasing and molesting women. They are born with huge perseverance, persisting tolerance, patience and strong headedness. They are the idols of forgiveness and love. They are bearing not because they are weak or something. Once they break their silence in a serious way, it would be difficult to stop the alarming wave.

This is not the first time I am writing on this issue… but as it is said that keep protesting or agitating as you never knows when the new dawn rises and results start coming.

Good job is being done by various NGOs and women cells. Activities like protests, campaigns, blogging, camps and many more are definitely an eye opener and helping to spread awareness in various spheres. Still lot of work is left to be done, for which everyone should do his/her individual bit selflessly for the society and world as a whole.

By Aakshi Kalra

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