Saturday, 23 February 2013

An Appeal for Zakariye


Little Zakariye Yacqub Abdi, a 28 month old, is not in a very happy place where his health goes. Suffering a rather queer disease linked to poor pre-natal and post-natal care, Zakariye contracted the illness consequent to the care he received in an incident that happened in a remote zone at the town of Lug Ganane in the Gedo region of Somalia. 

The hospital was not run by well-trained Traditional Birth Attendance. That has been a probable cause of the life of young Zakariya to deteriorate day after day.
Zakariye’s growth rate is not developing. At the age of 28 months – a little over two years, he is only 6.5 kilograms. Although his parents have done their best to make an environment that would be conducive to Zakariye’s good health, it hasn’t helped. “I, Yacqub Abdi, father of Zakariye, have left no stone unturned to help this innocent baby boy but due to financial barrier I could not get access to either regional or overseas medication,” said Zakariye’s father.

The case was referred to Hospital Banadir in Somalia, and they recommended that Zakariye’s family go abroad to seek treatment. However, they have not been able to afford the treatment and medication, much less the travel.

Zakariye’s family reached out to Delta Women with copies of the diagnosis and photographs of Zakariye. Our CEO and Founder, Elsie Ijorogu Reed, reached out to Hospital Banadir, which confirmed the statements, documents and photographs as authentic and true. “The documents are certified and they are on our file, so please help this patient with whatever you can,” said Mr. Abdiwahab A. Elmi, the Hospital Manager at Hospital Banadir.

Delta Women now calls upon its well-wishers and supporters to try to contribute to the financial needs of Zakariye’s family. We are also calling on organizations, individuals and hospitals who can take up his case and give him the medical attention he needs.

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