Sunday, 10 February 2013

I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Yes, the title above is a title song sung by Britney Spears and had become a hit in the early 2000s. Why  did I pick up the title of a song? I'm just in the mood to sing about my position. Not a girl but not yet a woman. Arguably the girl no longer, but practically so she has not become a woman. Talking about the girl and the woman is talking about two different things. Classification by age, a woman called 'girl' was when he started to go puberty, between 12-17 years old. 18-24 year olds are usually called pre-mature, the transition of a girl growing into a woman. At this age I would like to discuss appropriate headings. Meanwhile, for ages 25 and over is usually a woman is worthy of the title 'lady'.

As I recall, when Britney used to sing this song, she was right in the gray category. Now, its time that I was in the zone and I felt this was her chance to explain clearly how to be in their transition. People said this ages like a girl again is a time-flowering blooms. The process of transformation before becoming a full grown woman. Yes, I think there's something in it. In this transitional period is the time a girl really dive into the world community, working and socializing with many new environments.

I feel at this age is a mindset that began to change, not just merely thinking of personal pleasure, but how to share with others. Topics for discussion with peers had also smelled the future. We would talk about dreams and family relationships. What if, one day, we were married off and became mothers?Many question on how the future would be, would colour the mind. When I was the age of the girl, of course, there were thoughts and ideals in that direction. It is still a topic of conversation, though. If you're hanging out with your friends, the topics pivot around college affairs, romance, family. When it is in this present age, the talks revolve around the future. There are some of our peers who had already entered into marriage. This period was a time when I slowly left the behavior patterns that tended towards the childish (egoism) and tried to really think and behave appropriately adults.

Sometimes I even think of how, later, when one is separated from their family, how they go about building their own families. All decisions rest on two different heads, having and educating children. Sometimes, there is a feeling of fear and worry, too, so it has always been in the shadow of his own family. One day I will get there and have to deal with it. Therefore, I realized at the age now that I have to really be mentally prepared to face all the uncertainties. The adage says that maturity is not measured by age. I agree with the article.

For me personally, a woman can only be said to be a woman when she is able to face problems with a cool head. Finding a solution is not about finding who is wrong. Being able to accept and understand if there are things that are not satisfactory and not demanding everything was perfect suit her blameless life, are willing to admit and learn from mistakes, rather than sulk and do not accept, let alone escape. A person who's thoughtful and capable of nurturing. Being able to keep emotions in order to remain stable and clever carry themselves. And probably many more that detailed one-on-one. Essentially, all back to our mindset and maturity.

I created this article on the basis of my own perspective, it may not be perfect, but I believe the opinion of his friends could refine this article.

By Bella Nabilla

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  1. a very good article
    "For me personally, a woman can only be said to be a woman when she is able to face problems with a cool head"
    that is very well said, great analysis