Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rise Of Divorce For Women

Divorce for some women, leaves cuts that run very deep. Some feel devastated when the marriage ends. If you feel that way, here are some suggestions from A. Putranto Kasandra, (Kasandra & Associates), a psychologist.
Visit a Psychology Consultant
Nothing is taboo in consultation with the psychologist. "This is a big issue that can not be solved simply by advice alone!" Kasandra explains. When friends or family try to give advice as well as short-term about your future, not necessarily could it be a way out. Issues can be hard for you, that is necessary deepening of self, past and your thoughts on the issue. "We can see, not everyone is divorced encounter severe problems and annoying personality," said Kasandra.
A series of test-based Assessment
Explore issues with a series of tests conducted asesment. This test aims to find the main problems causing severe impact on divorce. Seeks to resolve these households can not be done with speculation, so it's worth exploring. Only then do counseling and find a solution. And, not necessarily impact is now visible only problems caused by divorce. "The noise and behavior changes (including loss of social skills, Ed.) Can also be caused by the background of both parties that influence. Given all depends on the character and personality, it must be known through asesment, "said Kasandra.
Reforming Forward
Having known the real issues, counseling will provide some motivation for dealing with problems. "My message is, there is always a rainbow after a thunderstorm and gledek. Life is always full of it. If the rain had stopped there would be a rainbow, it needs to be present in the minds of people in trouble, "said Kasandra. Unfortunately a lot of women face the new status after a divorce are less able to organize his life motivation. "We want to believe it or not. If he has always believed life is full of storms and disasters, it's hard to imagine there is a rainbow after the rain stopped. And he will always live in fear, "she said.
No Need to vilify
The past has happened can not be fixed by turning the time. But that does not mean you have the right to speak ill of a former spouse. It will not produce a solution. Better, organize thoughts and counseling to meet the wishes of fixing something that is wrong in thinking.
Thus, close to the world the former would not be a problem later on.

Bella Nabilla

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