Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Violence Against Women In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is the largest nation in the region and has a high population density. With the densest population of Southeast Asia, the country is also not immune to the violence against women, which is also very high. From 1998 to 2010, the National Commission listed the 91,311 cases of sexual violence against women in Indonesia from 295,836 as the total number of cases of violence against women. The number of cases of violence against women consists of 14 forms of sexual violence, including rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual slavery, sexual intimidation or assault shades including threats or attempted rape, forced prostitution.

In some cases there are 96% cases of sexual abuse by those closest to the victim, whether as a boyfriend, husband, brother or friend. From these results it can be seen that the need for mutual respect and respect for equality between the genders. The violence against women is usually caused by gender inequality or injustice. As the difference between the role and rights of women and men in society, thereby placing women in lower status than men. The privileged self-assumed status of a man is what makes women like possessions men can be treated arbitrarily. Included with violence.

In the context of violence against women, the state should provide the protection and enforcement of human rights. But what happened was the opposite. Violations of the state in the matter of human rights more often experienced by women. "Because the female body criminalized,". therefore the presence of nearly 100 thousand cases of female violence that occurred in Indonesia, it can be concluded that in one day terdaoat 12 people who suffered violence and sexual abuse. expected government agencies in Indonesia and in the world can provide rules in favor of women and give severe punishment to the perpetrators of violence and sexual abuse of women around the world.

By Bella Nabilla

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