Sunday, 24 March 2013

Taleem Humara Bhe Haq Hai: Education is our Right Too

Women will always be Women… even in a male chauvinist society. They lag behind in having basic rights in society. Denying girls their education is synonymous with setting up a slave in society. Women constitute half of the population, but socially, politically and economically, a woman is at the mercy of male members. The status of education in Sindh can be gauged from the fact that only 50 percent of children between age groups of five and 15 are enrolled in schools while about 75 percent of the rural girls never attend school, as per a Dawn Report. In the wake of devastating floods, rain wreaked havoc with the infrastructure and brought education standards to the lowest rung.

According to official reports from the Education Ministry, at least 10000 schools have been damaged in Sindh during the floods and rains in 2010 and 2011. Despite the fact that provincial assembly earmarked hefty funds to rehabilitate schools, no steps have been taken yet. The status of girls’ school is at the lowest ebb. Girls’ education has never been the priority of the state’s attention. In Nawasbahsh, which is the hometown of President Asif Ali Zardari, over 200 girls schools were completely damaged during the monsoon. This puts the education of thousands children at stake. Two full years have elapsed since that mishap but no serious efforts are taken by the government yet. Paradoxically, if the hometown of the president of the country depicts such a dismal picture, what would the condition in rest of the country?

Recent surveys conducted by FHRP in collaboration of FAFEN says that due to closure of girls schools, children are confined to their homes since parents prefer them staying at home to sending them to schools in neighboring village or to the Boys’ school. Moreover, many children were found wandering aimlessly in the streets. A girl named Shazia from UC Khadhar said that she along with other girls wanted to seek education, but due to closure of schools they were compelled to do household chores. If such practice continues, the education for girls would be a distant dream.

Sindh Government earmarked 131 billion in 2011-12 and Rs 231 billion in 2012-13 as Annual Development Program (ADP), but it could not rehabilitate the flood affected schools of the province which were destroyed in the face of torrential rains of 2010 shameless to state here that such funds have been swapped with development funds issued to local MPA’s and MNA’s. However, they are already given Rs.1.Crore each year to make development in their respective constituencies.

FHRP is driving campaign to rehabilitate, provide basic facilities and setting up more girls school in District Nawasbhah, the hometown of the president of Pakistan ,and invites Students, people and community in an outside of the country to be part of this campaign. . All are invited to send slogans, drawings, poems, SMS, Podcast, Voicemail or any material in any form to influence the decision makers.

Ashfak Siyal

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