Thursday, 21 March 2013

Triggers of violence in the household

Violence in the household can be triggered by many factors. These factors could be economic status, low education, jealousy and could also be caused by one of the parents of either partner taking sides in the household. Domestic violence in the house caused by economic factors can happen for example when the husband's income is minimal and unable to make ends meet.

Sometimes the wife is too demanding of household needs, for the basic needs of food, clothing or education. Arguments between the husband and wife grow from there and finally leads to violence in the household. Both parties can not control their emotions. The wife should understand the financial situation of the family. Fluctuations in the husband's income have a big influence on the size of the family budget. Even when the income is small and the expenses are large, the wife must be able to to coordinate whatever the finances are in the family, so that she can overcome whatever happens with a minimum income. In that way arguments leading to domestic violence can be avoided.

In terms of education, domestic violence can result from lack of knowledge on both sides in how to offset and overcome differing characteristics between them. Maybe in a household there is a husband who is arrogant and inclined to be selfish, in the absence of knowledge. So the wife doesn't know how to cope with the arrogant behaviour by herself. It is then difficult to unite these differences and finally domestic violence results. If this occurs, the women will be the main victim. The husband and wife should ask and learn, like reading a book about how to become a family that is peaceful and loving with abundant blessings.
In a household there needs to be good communication between husband and wife, so that there is harmony. If there is no harmony and compatibility between both parties, this can become a trigger for violence. The husband and wife should balance their psychological needs, where those needs conflict, the husband and wife must value each others opinion.
The same as when dating. To maintain a relationship, there needs to be trust, understanding, mutual respect, and so on. So also in the home the relationship must be based on mutual trust. If there is a feeling of trust, then it is easy for us to do activities. If there is no trust, then there is jealousy which is sometimes excessive and suspicion which is also sometimes excessive. There are more than a few husbands who behave like this, sometimes the man forbids his wife to do activities out of the house. Because he is afraid the wife will be taken by someone else. If this is so, the activities of the wife become limited. Lacking opportunities to socialise and mix with other people. This is the impact from the husband's jealous behaviour. There are many examples that we see in the environment around us, situations like that. Jealousy can cause violence in the household.

Domestic violence can also result from a lack of love towards the husband or the wife, maybe because their marriage was arranged without a feeling of love between them. That can make the man deviate from the line of a good and responsible husband. The man often behaves rough and heavy handed. To face a situation like this, the wife needs a huge amount of patience. Trying to be as sweet as possible so that her husband can change and behave sweetly to her.

So then from this, in the home both sides must be on guard against conflict which can lead to violence. It's not just one side that can trigger conflict in the household, it could be the husband or the wife. Before we see the mistakes of other people, let's reflect on ourselves. Actually whatever happens to us will give rise to a change in behaviour for each of our partners.

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