Thursday, 16 May 2013

News for today

Contributed by Gabrielle
Society must introspect to stop crimes against women: Prez
Crime against women: Pregnant woman ‘gang-raped’ – The Express Tribune
Ex-cop arrested for attempting to abduct 15-year-old girl
Contributed by Danqing
1) News in China:
Hainan province teacher, city official arrested over sex assault of six girls
Transsexual woman wins right to wed, rewriting Hong Kong's definition of marriage

2) Other news:
Japan's politicians have a problem with 'comfort women'
Angelina Jolie praised for revelation over double mastectomy
Many US women can't afford to do what Angelina Jolie did
Women In Combat: Obstacles Remain As Exclusion Policy Ends
PNG says sorry for violence against women
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Member Of Fort Hood Sexual Assault Response Team Accused Of Abuse (US)

Why 'real models' not role models will help women get to the top

NYU Professor Busted for Allegedly Spying on Undressing Women (US)

No, You Cannot Substitute ‘Sex’ For ‘Rape’

El Salvador: Authorize Abortion for Woman at Risk of Dying

10 Ways Men Can End Violence Against Women

G8 responds to sexual violence in conflict

Kenya First Country to Protect Girls Against Cervical Cancer With Gavi Support

Adults Shouldn't Expect Girls to be Wonder Women
Contributed by Maria Evangelidou
Girls receive a visit from a different man every night, a ‘new husband’: In the words of Saran Keïta Diakité – 14 May 2013

UK convicts gang of grooming girls for sexual exploitation – 15 May 2013

Young Men Break with Machista Stereotypes in Ecuador– 14 May 2013
Contributed by Megan Bird
A Scarlet R

Take Off the Silk, Put On the Khakis

Hong Kong on Rape

Mother's Using Social Media to teach Women's Rights

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