Friday, 17 May 2013

Campaign Against Women in Saudi Arabia

A foundation of social care in Saudi Arabia is on a very serious campaign to promote non-violence in the household. The campaign aims to show concern for local authorities on women. The campaign comes amid strict regulations and restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia. Ranging from being prohibited to drive a car, and then being required to be accompanied by a man when out of the house, until obliged to cover the entire body with a burka.

As reported by, Monday (29/04/2013), the campaign promoted by the foundation and the King Khalid Foundation is named 'No More Abuse'. The photo is very interesting ad campaign, which is a Saudi Arabian woman wearing a veil to cover her face and her body Though veiled, but at the woman's eye looks swollen and bruised.

"Some things can not be covered - fighting together women's abuse, according to an ad campaign tagline on this. In a written statement, said that the campaign aims to help women in upholding justice. Therefore, it is common knowledge that cases of violence against women or domestic violence rife befall women in Saudi. "The phenomenon of violence against women in Saudi Arabia is actually larger than appears on the surface. Phenomenon of this kind are found in darkness. We want to help uphold justice for all women and children who are victims of violence in the kingdom," read the ad description the.

In the 2012 report, noted that Saudi Arabia is at position 131 among 134 countries in terms of gender equality. Women tend to be underestimated by men in this country. Violence against women was widespread in Saudi Arabia.
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