Saturday, 4 May 2013

News for Today
Afghanistan - Woman Killed by Father in Public for “Dishonouring”  Family
Contributed by Madhurima Malik
The Barisian National Women empowerment policy a success

Talks on needs of change for women needs male voices:Dubai

Mumbai takes a step towards women Empowerment

Women's groups divided on flex-time bill

Women health groups slam decision to appeal morning-after pill ruling
Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Lady Mechanic Initiative Trains Women For 'The Best Job' (Nigeria)

Alberta Canadian Forces former CO charged with sexual assault, ten years after cleared in ‘porn and chicken’ scandal

Violence Against Women In Syria: Breaking The Silence

This is the century for women and gender equality

South Africa: Social Development Is Failing to Protect Children From Sex Offenders

Jury in Philadelphia abortion doctor case deliberates for 4th day (US)

Over 100 Million Women Lead Migrant Workers Worldwide
Contributed by Megan Bird
Tribal Courts Aim to Heal

Partner Violence is not Personal?

Global Women's Conference

From Rape to Cancer

Contributed by Maria Evangelidou
Women's Rights Pictures

No Woman’s Land: a new book recalls the frontline experiences of female reporters – 02 May 2013

Cyprus: EWL members alert on Cypriot failure to transpose trafficking directive – 30 April 2013

Liberia's Rape Nemesis - Victims Keep Piling Up in a Nation With 'Powerful Women' – 02 May 2013

Reducing maternal death in Eritrea

Turkish Airlines crew banned from wearing red lipstick and nail polish – 03 May 2013

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