Sunday, 5 May 2013

Women and our society: a distorted picture

What do you think would happen if men would pose like women in pictures? Is what different artist are asking themselves all over the world. The blog “Beauty Is Inside” reported this phenomenon to attention, and give a look at the post ( could be instructive for everyone.
We see distorted images of women every day: on the advert poster in the streets, on Tv shows, at the supermarket. After the feminist wave of the 60’ and 70’ something changed: we started thinking the use our body in whichever way we want is a sign of  freedom, but then we became slavers of that and our society. Is decide to become a slaver a sign of freedom and a right that everyone can claim? There are not firm answers to these questions, but we are surely experiencing a step back in the fields of women rights and gender equality. Women are not dolls or mannequins: everyone seems to be acknowledged about that, but in everyday l

ife things are different and... Well, distorted just as the way our society sees women.
Can you imagine your father, your brother or even your fiancé posing like a pin-up?
Now the question is what we can do to change this situation. Actually this is a very complicated aspect because many girls and women claim the right to use their body in every form possible. We have to identify the border between use our body and being used by someone else. And, the most important, we have to involve men in the fight for women rights, because just convincing them and changing their mind we can change our society in a permanent way.
Every Government should start supporting this fight through education helping young girls see themselves as a human being with personal rights and not simply like a body. As the Italian neurologist Rita Levi Montalcini once said: “The women that changed the World, they’ve never had to show anything, except their intelligence”.

Agnese Cigliano

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