Friday, 21 June 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Holly Bannon-Murphy

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Three Navy Football Players Charged in the Latest Military Assault Story (US)

Violence against women worldwide is 'epidemic'

Muslim Women Sentenced to Hard Labor in Myanmar

Malawi: Media Freedom and Gender Violence

The women of Gezi Park are protesters, not pin-up girls (Turkey)
How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?

US Calls Out China, Russia Over Human Trafficking

Study: Vaccine against sexually transmitted HPV cut infections in teen girls by half

Nick Clegg condemns domestic violence after criticism over Saatchi comments (UK)

How technology can transform lives of African women
Contributed by Agnese Cigliano

Contributed by Megan Bird 
World Health Organization Report of Women Violence

1 and 5 Women Abused in North America

Italy Ratifies Treaty on Women Violence 

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