Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Feminism and empowerment: from “what” to “why”

There are so many articles in this blog, which touch upon the large variety of topics, connected with feminism, suffering women and female empowerment. The interesting thing is that all of them answer such questions as “what”, “when”, “who” but almost none of them answer the most important question “why”.  Few weeks ago, I watched a video from TED-talks, named “How great leaders inspire actions”, on which Simon Sinek shares his knowledge about starting all great deals not from the question “what” but “why”. Surely, all of authors/writers/translators/editors know why they are involved in the issue of feminism; moreover, they may have own specific motivations except common global one. But I know that simple readers are not always acquainted with the primary goals which the creators of the blog/project have. They can see the cover but not the kernel, and it can stop them from bringing online-received ideas to life.
When people ask my opinion about various situations which include gender issue, I always answer that I am a person who supports the idea of gender equality. From this position, feminism is something that is not needed to be examined. However, the history of human society’s development illustrates a lot of cases when women are suppressed and considered to be the lower living creature than a man. It happens not because religious books, prophets or gurus tell that women should be treated in a bad way; it mostly happens because people are used to misinterpret the teachings in order to subject somebody to their will. Therefore, as for me, feminism appears as a way of resistance. It resists those personalities who think that they have all rights to manipulate, offend women or treat them as non-humans. 
That is how I found an explanation for myself why I support the idea of women empowerment and want others to realize how topical this issue is. It should not be a process which leads to making women more significant than men but a process which is going to create a stable basis for women’s existence. It means that every female personality would feel confidence in her current and future safety and also potentialities for own realization in the sphere she wants. So, we should view this empowerment as something that lifts those women that live in developing countries on the level of equality with males. While believing into this idea as a required condition of welfare and happiness of both women and men in developing and developed countries, we will undoubtedly make gradual steps to the mutual respect and understanding. 

By Polina Nezdiikovska, Ukraine


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