Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Be A Woman

“A man’s heart is a wretched, wretched thin . It isn’t like a mother’s womb. It won’t bleed, it won’t stretch to make room for you.”
KhaledHosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns
No matter how much the modern world  claims itself to be  revolutionized ,debunking all taboos and stereotypes.  A prominent daunting aspect will always emerge  in our  so called “perfect society “ Women will, always, ambiguously be ostracized by men . Horrendous  displays in the form of domestic abuse , sexual harassment are brought forward everyday . Women subjected to such cruelty are often found questioning the existence of their gender .

“Vulnerability “, Fragility”, “Submissiveness” are the terms often associated with women .It is the existence of these attributes that make us who we are .if it wasn’t for our vulnerability we wouldn’t be able to endure the suffering hurled at us   . And endurance brings out the best in us . Eleanor Roosevelt said :
“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” 
And maybe  men ostracize us because they fear our strength .Our capacity to emerge victorious despite the turmoil’s  hurled at us
A wife receiving bellows from her husband all night long ,  emerges to be victorious when she bids her children off to school like nothing happened the previous night  or when  a girls like MalalaYousaf decides to  takes a bullet in her head , demonstrating that   a group of terrorists cannot stop her from receiving education , just because  they believe education is right women are not entitled to
Or for that matter  when a woman decides to continue with her life despite having her face deformed by an acid attack .

Every time a woman decides to “move on “ no matter what ordeal she may be confronting she emerges as a “heroic figure “ . We maybe not be aware of our capacity to influence other . But the fact remains,  we do influence the people whose strings are attached to us . Children are never oblivious to the tortures  a mother endures , neither are parents , siblings and friends incognizant to the misery inflicted upon us

So every time you are demoralized , remember you are a” Woman “ . You are entitled to redeem pain in order to emerge victorious in the end . Be an example to  your children , siblings and friends . Above all be proud of yourselves, that you have made it this far ,so that others may marvel at your strength as well

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