Saturday, 13 July 2013

Internship: A platform for learning

Law is an extremely prestigious profession where one gets to explore and gain knowledge from issues in every field. This is the reason why I decided to be part of the program.

Last year, when I was asked what I wanted to pursue after high school, I was completely confused as I always left everything to fate. When I came across a lawyer and he explained me what kind of opportunities I would get, I was thrilled by the idea. There was a lot of discussion though, in my family as I would be the first in the family to pursue such a career. Later I found out that there was a greater topic that they worried about. It was I being a girl doing law.

I interned recently at a local body, which gave me an opportunity to go to a school where a five-day workshop was being conducted on Gender Stereotypes and status of women in India. I would now give a brief about what all, even after being aware about, I realized.

Gender-based discrimination is an issue which girls in India especially face everyday. Travelling in public transport, working somewhere, studying at school or college, even at home, gender is highly considered. Girls are not supposed to speak with a raised tone with anyone, they should walk, sit, eat properly, they are supposed to have meal after everyone is done having at home, women earlier were considered not to even step out of the house at least this has changed, in some households. Even the choice of profession depends on the sex one is. Teacher, nurse, etc. are considered right for girls while other professions like boxing, medicine (doctor), pilot, etc. are considered more suitable for boys.

Eve teasing, throwing of acid, rape, are common threats that every girl have in mind before stepping out of the house. Even home is not a safe place. Many men beat their wives, abuse women verbally, mentally and physically.

I got the opportunity to interact with high school students about the women oriented verbal abuses in present time. I have realized that as the country is becoming more liberal, language is also deteriorating with it. Be it any language, all abuses are women oriented except a few. Here there is a need to question, why is it so?

I have realized at my internship that simply accepting the teachings of society is not going to change anything. It is high time that we start questioning and retrieve answers on everything.

By Anvi Sood

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