Monday, 22 July 2013

News for Today

Contributed by William Kin
Kenya: Njoka asks for battered Men's Funds

More men happy to be ‘house husbands’

South Africa: Kotzé verdict appropriated

Premier: Women not sexual objects

Royal and Ancient Golf Club to look at gender issue

Golf gender storm brewing

Contributed by Shuhada Ghozali
Hairdresser's wife found guilty for abusing Cambodian Maid
Contributed by Karol Arámbula:
'Soccer Diplomacy: North Korea beats South Korea in Women's East Asian Cup' (ABC News):

'Cleveland cops look for more victims after 3 women found in bags' (NBC News):

'From Hitchens to Dawkins: Where are the women of New Atheism?' (Salon):

'Why women are terrible at accepting compliments' (Today Health):
'Survey finds many Australian employers value men over women, prefer workers without children' (ABC News Australia):

'Obama: Helen Thomas broke barriers for women' (USA Today): 
'Many women don't realize painful sex is common, treatable condition' (CBS News)
'Women can't win in casual encounters' (The Sydney Herald)
'Turkish Islamic Party trains women for Jihad' (The Long War Journal)
'Two women arrested over stabbing in Dublin' (RTE News)
Contributed by Megan Bird
Photos That Shine Light on Women's Rights
Women's Rights Convention Celebrate

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