Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Reflections! : The Paedophile’s Diary

The Paedophile’s Diary
This is my diary. I am a paedophile, and I won’t deny it. I won’t introduce myself to you as you probably know my name, and might be familiar with my origins. I promise to be as simple as I can in explaining my actions and inactions. But before we go any further, you may however wish to forgive my vulgarity, if you come across it. If you take a stroll into my history you will see that I have always enjoyed the glamour of demonizing the faith that I proclaim to practice; Islam. Some years back when I was in charge of the affairs of my home state in northern Nigeria, I declared the Islamic Sharia law. At the time I did so, I was aware that my declaration of the law was highly problematic.

My Reflections! : The Paedophile’s Diary

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