Saturday, 17 August 2013

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Contributed by Stephany ArmasSomalia 'gang rape' investigated by African Union
Paid mobs attempt to sexually harass women out of Tahri
Contributed by Mayara Bello

Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Women who fear being forced to marry abroad told to hide spoon in underwear' (The Guardian):

'Abbott's gift of the gaffe no joke for women' (The Sydney Morning Herald):

'Man creates very first website for women ever' (Slate):

'Promote women, but not the wrong ones' (The Telegraph):

'Ukip treasurer: Women are not competitive enough for board room' (The Telegraph):

'More women are leaning in - and not getting paid for it' (Quartz):

'Women really do suffer more headaches than men' (The Telegraph):

'The Magnifying glass ceiling: The plight of women in science' (PLOS):

'Do women make good bosses' (The Age):

'The Party for women' (The American Spectator):

'How Wonder Bread fed the women's movement' (Bloomberg):

'Six women murdered but still no conviction' (The Age):

'Women had sex 'in the line of duty' to qualify as secret service recruits - but the spy chief was fake' (The National Post):

'Infertility rates for married women have dropped in the U.S. over 3 decades' (The Huffington Post):

'Big breakfast diet could 'boost fertility for PCOS women' (Medical News Today):

'En Afghanistan, des femmes artistes défient les conservateurs' (AFP):

'Egypte: Les femmes au pouvoir' (Marianne):

Contributed by Agata Blanco CompostelaThousands of Tunisians Rally For Women's Rights 
Celebrating women's voting rights,0,1036160.story  
The Largest Women’s Rights Movement in Decades is Coming to Honolulu 
Hanan Al-Shihri and women’s rights
Contributed by Suyog Shelar
Ukip treasurer: Women are not competitive enough for the board room
Feminists Launch Model for Online Learning
Lawyers, Courts Go Easy on Gender-Based Crimes
Contributed by Norhana KamidCouncil of Engineers fails to attract women #arabnews 
Man executed in Madinah for torturing wife to death #arabnews #Madinah #SpousalAbuse 
Authorities in Madinah on Thursday executed a citizen convicted of torturing his wife to death, said an Interior Ministry statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo:Femen llega a México: 
"Les violences contre les femmes, ça ne s'arrête pas l'été" (Fatima Lalem, élue à la Ville de Paris)
Why Indian Gang Rape Victim Suzette Jordan Went Public:    
Dear Condescending Advertising Agencies: This Is What Your Ads For Women Look Like:    
Snapshot: Behind the Walls Of Nepal's Women
Contributed by Aakshi KalraPower to the Daughters
Women of Steel

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