Saturday, 10 August 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Two British women injured in Zanzibar acid attack (Tanzania)

For Ethiopian Women, Construction Jobs Offer A Better Life

Life at any price (El Salvador)

US abortion ban should not be foisted on Central African Republic

Russia’s Anti-LGBTQ Law Leads to Protests, Pushback, and a Reminder of Our Laws Here at Home (US)

Behind the Cultural Imperative for Women to be Sexy And Cute

Exploiting Egypt's Rape Culture for Political Gain

Rehtaeh Parsons: Two teens face child porn charges (Canada)

Amartya Sen: India must focus on its women

European Georgia traps women inside an expected ‘culture of virginity’

How One Sex Abuse Case Tore Apart the Williamsburg Hasidim (US)
Contributed by Karol Arámbula:

'Naked women in pop videos: art, misogyny or downright cynical?' (The Guardian):

'It's the jobs, stupid. Why women really opt out' (The Washington Post):

'Women and work: the baby barrier' (The Guardian):

'Why cities are bad for new mothers: Women are more likely to develop postnatal depression in towns than in the countryside' (The Daily Mail):

'Nearly half of all video-gamers are women' (CNN):

'Why more female leaders won't mean less war' (SBS):

'Expats manage most of Saudi women's businesses' (Arab News):

'Baby boomer women can't afford to retire, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report says' (The Daily Telegraph):

'One in three young women still use 'antiquated' method of withdrawal as main form of birth control' (The Daily Mail):

'Revisiting The Gender GAP in women's entrepreneurship: What holds women back?' (Forbes):

'South Africa: The meaning of Women's Day' (All Africa):

'Like Ariel Castro, abortion has devastated women, children in Cleveland' (Life News):

'So, is wild sex that women really want?' (Irish Examiner):

'Sweden to keep focus in Afghan aid' (The Local):

'En Syrie, des islamistes gardent des dizaines de femmes en ontages' (Le Temps):

'Figées à 45 ans: quand les femmes se tournent vers la chirurgie esthétique por garder...leur travail' (Atlantico):

'Cyclisme: "Les femmes méritent autant de visibilité que les hommes"' (Le Nouvel Observateur Temps Reel):

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