Friday, 9 August 2013

Way to crime

India. A country, which is proud of its heritage, culture and traditions, also has a setback. Mentality. People have become completely blind with faith luring over their minds.
The youth is affected by the thoughts the most. Witnessing the practices from the very beginning at institutions such as family, school, other communities all have a deep impact. The intrusion of the religious practices within one’s minds sometimes gives birth to criminal acts.
Some of the most commonly practiced criminal acts are rape, honor killings, eve teasing, etc.
Women in every religion, be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc. is given the highest respect. They are considered the ‘life givers’, which is a fact. They are kept equally with God.
Though India has advanced with time, still there are many small towns in the country, where people are very backward. The towns are in focus because there is no escape from the followings of families. When the youth from such backgrounds, face the developed, there is a tendency that the reaction is not what a developed person generally expects.
Clothes for a matter of fact is an essential matter that is a topic of discussion in families with the youth. Girls are kept in the spot and are everyday expected and taught to dress ‘decently’ which is to cover each part of their body so that they do not draw attention from the men in society. Here we are forgetting a fact that even in extremely orthodox households rape cases are reported.
‘Gumrah’ is a TV show, which showcases many criminal cases that affected the system that pertains the society. A case was highlighted in which a girl who was new to the India’s age long custom (as discussed in the article till now), was raped by young boys who were raised in the customs that attracted them towards the girl who was new in the environment.
So, it is essential in today's time that to stop the ills in society, the mentality of people must change and for this to happen, the youth have to take the first step.

By Anvi Sood

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