Thursday, 12 September 2013

Child marriage: The degradation of humankind

Recently a very traumatizing news about child marriage was published: an eight year old girl died after suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma in Yemen. The girl was only one of the many victims of such a cruel law that perpetrates sexual slavery and underdevelopment.
The many other consequences of child marriage are not so visible, but are extremely hurtful for girls who have the right, just as everybody else, to grow in a happy and stable environment. Child marriage is an aberration of society and must be stopped!
Education comes as a solution, but we must act now! Governments must do educational campaigns and impose laws that stop child marriage and treat it, not as a cultural custom, but as an act of moral lacking and a crime because its own purpose is to satisfy a party which takes everything away from a person who is in a vulnerable condition.
A child must have special rights due its unique estate. Apart from the position of vulnerability, a girl lacks the total development of her psycho-social status and needs to feel safe and respected. Society must demand that Human Rights come before economic power! How can such disgusting creatures live with themselves after perpetrating such barbarian acts?
Moreover, these acts tell us that humankind is enormously lacking of fraternity and understanding. To harm a child, symbol of innocence and love, is the worst thing a parent or anybody else can do. Cruelty, unfortunately teaches us to know more about some degrading practices in our species.
When defending moral, one cannot avoid feeling old-fashioned and dated, but in a world where everything is relative and humankind has no more shame or sense of value for the suffering of others, feeling old-fashioned is a complement.
In life, the path of tranquility and fulfillment is field with respect and caring for other individuals. When the path is corrupted by manifestations of such disgraceful acts, evil perpetrates. Yesterday an innocent victim died. How many more will we allow to suffer in order to change the way things are done?

Gabriela Isa Rosendo Vieira Campos
By Gabriela Campos

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