Wednesday, 11 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Stephany ArmasDelhi gang-rape trial: death sentence inevitable, says Indian minister 
Palestinian Authority Denounces Women Protesting Against Honor Killings, Urges them to Kill Jews Instead  Asie-Pacifique : 25% des hommes reconnaissent avoir déjà commis un viol 
Saudis welcome decision to give foreign mothers of Saudi children permanent residence status
Contributed by Karol Arambula
'Empowering Arab women through literacy' (The New York Times):
'Study suggests women in their 40s benefit from mammograms, but doubts linger' (Boston Globe):
'Men expect better things from sexting than women do' (The Washington Post):
'More women are going into match and science but bypassing tech careers' (Quartz):
'Women in African politics: a vote of confidence' (The Guardian):
'Men lose weight easier than women because they're not obsessed with food and don't comfort eat' (The Daily Mail):
'Women in tech can have it all - even an arts degree' (The Guardian):
'We women also belong at the helm' (The Guardian):
'Poll: Here's how men and women think differently on matters of dating and sex' (Business Insider):
'League of extraordinary women' (The Hindu):
'Enough is enough: Mexican women join self-defense forces' (Feministing):

Contributed by Maryam GholamrezaeiAsian girls are the hidden victims of vicious sex grooming gangs:
Contributed by Sangeetha Royan
Mystery as Woman found stabbed in box hill street
Dominic Hickey jailed for paying for sexual abuse of girls in Philippines
Rapes double in capital despite public outrage
One death per hour over dowry in India
One in four men surveyed in Asia Pacific Study admit to Rape

Contributed by Ana Maria GuerraIt happened on my campus too: The SMU rape chant at UBC (Canada) Sólo seis de las 32 víctimas de violencia de género de este año había denunciado (Spain)
Elaine’s Story: My Father Sold Me For Sex (US)
Wedding night death of girl, 8, denied in Yemen An Ugly Rape Case Involving Vanderbilt’s Football Team Could Get Much Uglier (US)
Violence against women (Bangladesh)
Afghan women at risk while police force remains 99 per cent male
Tacoma man pleads guilty to murder, rape of 2-year-old (US)
The UN Multi-Country Study On Men And Violence In Asia And The Pacific
Contributed by Farah Najar Arevalo:
Shot Afghan senator to return to politics
Daniela Liebman, primera mexicana en el Carnegie Hall de NY: 
Bride Aged 8 Dies After Suffering Internal Sexual Injuries During Wedding Night With Man, 40
Contributed by Vikram Simhan
Delhi gang rape accused to be sent to the gallows. Hopefully this will deter other people from committing such heinous crimes.

Contributed by Norhana A Kamid
Indian court convicts 4 in fatal gang rape case 
 George Zimmerman Questioned by Authorities for Possibly Pulling Gun on Wife,0,3625334.story 
Human Rights Activist, Sunila Abeysekera, Dies of Cancer 
New Study Suggests Mandating Mammograms At An Early Age 
Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett Makes Plans For Improving Women's Employment 

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