Sunday, 1 September 2013

Children without speech, convey a lot

Situations in life tend to carve one’s thoughts, beliefs and moreover a person’s personality. According to many psychologists, the age from birth to 7 years is the time, which builds a large part of one’s unconscious mind that further creates the personality. Hence, if a person has phobia, 80 per cent chances are that it was developed during the above-mentioned time due to an incident. There is one issue, which not many notice, but happens among us a lot.

In households, where domestic violence occurs quite regularly, the children are affected adversely, especially mentally. They having seen the things often, get so used to not speaking to many as there is always a threat in their minds, first that their home condition is not revealed to anyone as it might result in getting beaten too. Second by staying dumb at home while watching all this, it shuts their mouth so bad as they are unable to think about anything else other than their parents. They stop being involved in the world activities at an early stage, which ultimately makes them not up to date and this further affects on their relationships especially friendship as not many make friends who know nothing.

Home is our very first institution where we see, observe, learn and further apply the knowledge in the institutions we are tend to enter in future. If the roots are not strong, there is a probability that the rest of the tree would be able to stand for long. Hence, it is imperative that nurturing shall be seen and dealt with a lot of attention and sensitiveness.

Many of us might have noticed certain people who do not get into discussions in class or shout out loud a lot or come to someone and ask something. There is a 60 per cent chance that he or she might have witnessed such an incident. It is essential here, that we take a step towards them, stop thinking about the intellectual perspective, as on other terms the other being more experienced about life situations might be more intellectual than you as he knows certain truths of life and has courageously lived through the struggled life.

By Anvi Sood

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