Monday, 30 September 2013

News for Today

Contributed by Farah Nájar Arévalo:    
Cifra negra en feminicidios: 
Médias: les lesbiennes invisibles: 
Integrante de Pussy Riot Nadezhda Tolokónnikova es trasladada a un hospital por huelga de hambre 

Contributed by Parmeet Nagi
Rape Victim, 6, Ordered To Marry Accused's Son In India, Reportedly Raped Again

Contributed by Candice Lewis

Contributed Bree Windham

Contributed by Sabrina Singh
Sept 28: Nepal's Slave Girls (Al Jazeera)
Sept 26: Lack of female police officers hits border security checking (Kantipur)
Sept 26: "Do They Really Believe in God?" Sexual minorities and Faith in Nepal (Republica)
Sept 26: "Human trafficking racket busted; four girls rescued" (The Free Press)
Sept 23: "11 girls rescued from traffickers' grips" (The Himalayan Times)'+grips&NewsID=391857&a=3
Sept 22: Vicious voodoo (Kantipur)
Sept 21: From Hartford To Nepal: Woman's Dental Clinics A Way To Strengthen Community (The Courant)

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