Monday, 30 September 2013

Using gender differences at work places

It is impossible to affirm that men and women have the same behavior. Even though gender should not be a variable regarding the treatment of men and women, different genders indicate variation in performing the same task.   
Many researchers are becoming particularly famous because they teach about these differences in work places. Some of the things they point out are that women are multi-taskers and more understanding about the feelings of others, while more perceptive and detail oriented. Women are also more intelligent regarding emotions and know how to discern better between urgent, important and unimportant tasks. These differences are negative only if one doesn’t learn to use them in the best way.
Everyone needs to learn about their positive and diverse assets and use them!! The female gender has certain skills that can be used in order to achieve better results, such as understanding other people’s gestures, which can give a heads up during negotiations and group meetings.
 Another relevant skill that women have is the ability to work extra-time because they are perfectionists, thus adding more value to the task they are working with and, at the same time, becoming influent leaders at their business environment. Of course, not every woman is alike, but they do share some advantages over men[1].
Most women, however, do not know how to use their abilities properly.  Many researches indicate that female feel the need to look or to act like their male colleagues in order to succeed[2], which demonstrates the misuse of their abilities.
According to Josephine Fairley[3] observations, girls are “fiercely competitive, super-keen to prove that they’re equal in every way.” Why don’t we, instead, learn to be different and use our unique skills in order to achieve better results?
As I have said many times in this blog, diversity adds more value to anything people do, making it particularly important to understand and appreciate differences, especially in work environments. Understanding our assets and using them in the best way without trying to act like men can give women a heads up while doing business.
Unfortunately, many people indicated that they’d rather have male bosses because men show more personalities, making businesses environment more comfortable for everyone. Women should show their personality and learn their positive and negative assets to be better treated as leaders. It is important to consider, however, that showing personality does not mean to show skin, which is not seen as a good attitude business-wise. Many entrepreneurs affirm that the more skin you show, the less respected you get.
So, summing up, know yourself, show your personality and learn to work with your unique assets in order to succeed professionally! Being a woman is not necessarily a disadvantage in businesses, it can provide benefits as long as you learn to know and to work with them!!

Gabriela Isa Rosendo Vieira Campos

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