Friday, 18 October 2013

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Contributed by Suyog Shelar

Incumbency Test Looms Larger for Female Governors

World Food Day and the Women of Keur Moussa

Contributed by Ana Maria Guerra
Sudan: Six Women, Including Three Minors, Raped in Two Darfur States

Alleged Rape Victim in Ohio Learns About Her Assault By Watching It On Instagram (US)

Waris Dirie: 'Female genital mutilation is pure violence against girls'

Investing in Health Education to Save Lives

FEMPower programme creates future leaders (Jamaica)

Uganda Fights Stigma and Poverty to Take On Breast Cancer

Burkaphobia: the irrational fear of clothing

UPA Govt lacks sincerity in women's protection: NFIW (India)

UK women having babies later than ever before

DC Metro takes sexual harassment seriously with far-reaching new campaign (US)

Contributed by Sabrina Singh
Oct 14 2013: "Girl Rising - Film Tells Story of Suma's Escape from Child Slavery Thanks to Nepal Youth Foundation" (PRWeb)

Oct 14 2013: "Falling Short: Inclusiveness in Election" (My Republica)

Oct 12: "From Slavery to School" (The Irish Times)

Oct 10: "Nepal Youth Foundation Declares Victory in Abolishing Child Slavery in Nepal" (PRWeb)

Oct 10, 2013: "Address Women's Issues: Activists" (Kantipur)

Oct 10, 2013: "Death in the Desert: There is no moral credibility to holding the 2022 World Cup in a stadium drenched in the blood of 4,000 migrant workers" (Kantipur)

Contributed by Megan Bird

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